I’m a writer interested in how technology* is and is not changing our lives. My short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in One Story, Sycamore Review, and gorse, and was a finalist in BOMB’s biennial fiction contest.

I’m also writing a novel that draws on my experience working in Silicon Valley. The book evolved out of my short story “Please Report Your Bug Here,” which was selected by Rachel Khong for the 2018 Wabash Prize in Fiction. You can read the story here.

I hold an MFA from the University of Arizona. Before graduate school, I helped create Instagram as its first employee. My Instagram is @josh and no, thank you, I do not wish to sell the name, but please contact me if you’d like to talk about other things, like books or hounds.


*specifically, lately: forms of surveillance; pharmaceuticals; climate/weather-related tech; and how algorithms shape our perception of ourselves and the world.